Scent experience
Newsprint, willow & coal hydrosol, willow buds were forced open through a process of misting them with the coal hydrosol daily.  
Ucross, WY

Coal formed billions of years ago, through the decay of ancient plant material, eventually rising from a sand bar in Coal Creek, WY. This material had not seen the light of day since the carboniferous period. To honor the ancient plants in its transformed state, a coal hydrosol was made using the water from the creek it was found in.  We live in a time where man’s relationship to natural world is continually shifting and effecting our natural resources. Lumps of this black substance transformed back into a water state through a steam distillation process, bring aspects of the carboniferous period back to life. To honor an ancient ecological period, viewers sat in the cave while being misted with the coal hydrosol.