Community Scent Outreach

Sheridan, WY & Española, NM

The Wyoming Girls High School, Sheridan, WY is part of the  juvenile justice system of Wyoming. Four hydrosols made from native Wyoming plants and natural materials that the participants grew up with were spritzed on the girls. Smelling these aromatics made from local plants brought to their consciousness memories, images, colors,  and feelings.  Their written responses were shared with the group and a collective poem was created. This workshop was a collaboration with Ucross  staff writer Carly Fraysier.

Santa Clara Day School,
Santa Clara Pueblo, NM
As a visiting artist at the Santa Clara Elementary Day School, I worked with the Rocky Mountain Cedar tree, a native tree and scent to that region. Gathering on the floor we spoke about the environmental conditions this tree grows in and each student with a cedar branch in hand quietly spent time reflecting on the plant. The students translated their ideas into images through drawing and print making.