Of Natural and Hidden Things

Scent Performance Installation
Beeswax hydrosol, charcoal, gold roots, gold thread, wood and steel
IronWood Farm- Light worker performers
Newark, NJ

Roots are the vigor of a plant. Responding to environmental conditions of a specific place, roots feed from microbes in the soil to be nourished. These galaxies communicate with both the underworld as they respond to the outer world to survive. It is rare to experience these complex cellular networks above ground. The value of healthy soil holds tremendous impact today for food systems to forest ecology. Carbon plays an undying role in soil health; it is in all life forms. The installation Natural and Hidden Things was an illustration of an underworld where  healthy soil and plants roots have turned to gold. The molecular symbol of carbon is the hexagram also, it is the same structure of honeycomb made by the bees, our pollinators. As the viewers approached the installation they became part of this living system. The performers or light workers approached the visitors seated in chairs and misted them with a bees wax hydrosol or aromatic water, gifting them with the aroma of the nectars of the sun on a dark cold winter night.