Garlic Cave, 2013

garlic stem and roots, crayon and string

dimensions variable

Garlic is one of the primary crops at Jubilee Farm. Seeds have been saved for years and replanted each season. Garlic stems are remnant from the farm's garlic-planting process and were used to make primitive drawing tools for performative drawings. The crayons themselves became ephemeral objects; as the drawing was made, the crayon was consumed, leaving its marks on the paper. The colors -- red, black and white -- reference the Lascaux Paleolithic cave paintings as the first-recorded colors used in drawing. Drawings were made on the ground with the drawer bent over, mimicking the movements of working in the field.


Garlic Cave was a sculptural installation that incorporated these objects and drawings as a way of honoring the labor, the endurance, and the repetitive hand work of garlic-growing.