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House Warming


plastic and oil

15’ x 7’ x 4

Kingston Biennial, NY

House Warming is based on the amount of oil consumed in the average American household. Two play houses are connected by a hose that pumps oil from one vessel to the other. As the oil moves, filling and then emptying each vessel, a co-dependency forms. 

Snow Adobe


cast snow

15’ x 7’ x 4

Beacon, NY

The cast snow house melts as temperature rises, reflecting on the current experience of climate change. As snow and ice melts it eventually makes its way to rivers, aquifers, fields and households, and is consumed. Can you trace the water you consume back to its source?

House Defeated


oil and steel

40’ x 4.5” x 10’

Used motor oil was collected from a mechanic shop. It then filled thousands of feet of plastic tubing that lined a roof-like structure. The roof appeared as though it was sinking into the ground by the weight of the oil. It aimed to imply the oil-based systems and cycles that hold such social and economic value.

Blue Igloo

biodegradable packing peanuts and neon
6” x 10” x 5”



snow and steel

6” x 10” x 5” 

A cast-steel igloo was packed inside a ball of snow. As the snow melted, it revealed the cast steel igloo and rusted the surface. As the human population multiples and Earth's temperatures rise, where will we go?

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