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Meeting Dew


Bioculture Conservation Farm, Oak Spring Garden Foundation, Upperville, VA

site-based research | scent 

For several weeks at dawn, dew was collected as a way to investigate the Piedmont landscape in Upperville,VA. This sensory experience became both a practice and a performance. Dew is a natural distillate and was used to make a number of site-sourced hydrosols. But this project was more than resource collection; it required that I shift my biorhythms to wake early. I swept the fields with sheets of fabric, observing how water vapor condenses on the surfaces of plants in the fields. I walked through blankets of dew, meeting the celestial and the terrestrial atmospheric vapors. In a sense, I found that I was distilling myself as an active form of place making and a way into the ecology.

Photo credits Kaitlin Bryson

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